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Useful Identifiers

  • IRS EIN: 27-1685553
  • NYS DTF Exempt Organization Certificate (ST-119) number: see Treasurer

Ways to Send Money to Interlock

Questions/inquiries/notifications/problems, as well as requests for donation receipts, should go to:

Our transaction cost is in (parenthesis) where applicable. As of 2016-03-01, dues invoices will include a 3% payment processing charge to cover the costs of handling electronic transactions. This payment processing charge will be refunded if you use a payment method labeled "0% surcharge".

Credit Cards

Automatic recurring payments

See the Treasurer to set up automatic payments from your credit card via Stripe. (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)

One-time online payments

Via Square at Simply add appropriate Member Dues or Donation items to your cart until you reach the desired amount. (2.75% 0% surcharge for a limited time)

One-time in-person payments

See the Treasurer in person. Chip cards, NFC cards (including Apple Pay and Android Pay), and old swipey-cards are supported via Square. (2.75% 0% surcharge for a limited time)

Online Payment Systems


Visit or send to Dwolla ID 812-921-0930 (0% surcharge)


If you have an invoice: Click the "Pay Invoice" button on your invoice. (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)

Or, send to from your PayPal account. (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)


Pay with Bitcoin. (0% surcharge)

Legacy Methods

Check or cash or money orders (0% surcharge) are welcome, and may be:

  • Personally handed to the treasurer,
  • Placed in the donation box, or
  • Snailmailed to Interlock Rochester, 1115 East Main Street, Box 68, Rochester NY 14609

If required, please include a note with your name and the fact that this is a dues payment.

Support Interlock Passively


The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to Interlock Rochester (or another charity of your choice) when you shop at AmazonSmile.

You MUST use the AmazonSmile web site to make this work, and "Supporting: Interlock Rochester" MUST appear at the top of your page while you shop.

Bottle Return / Henrietta Redemption Center

Tell them to apply the bottle deposit refund to the "Interlock Rochester" account.

Employer Donation Matching

Many employers will match your donation to Interlock Rochester. Here's a list of those we know of:

  • <crickets chirping>

If your employer is not on that list, poke your HR Department.


If you sign up for Square using this link, we'll get up to $1000 in free credit card processing, as will you:

Purchasing Procedures

Direct Purchase

IMPORTANT: For sales tax exemption, we must be the direct purchaser of record, as well as the direct payer of record. In other words, payment must be made directly from Interlock Rochester's funds to the vendor, and the bill/invoice/receipt must show Interlock Rochester as the purchaser. The purchase must benefit Interlock Rochester only, and must not benefit any officer, member, or employee. See TP-120 and ST-119.1 for details.

The President and the Treasurer have corporate debit cards and may make purchases as required. A Reimbursement Request form (Google Docs link) should be submitted to the Treasurer promptly, with receipts attached and a note indicating that the purchase was made on a corporate debit card.

The proper sales tax exemption paperwork should be presented to the vendor when making a purchase. See the Treasurer for details.


IMPORTANT: Reimbursed expenses are NOT exempt from sales tax and should be avoided for significant purchases.

Fill out the Reimbursement Request form (Google Docs link) and submit it, along with receipts, to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

The Treasurer will process your request and will contact you for more information if required.

Reminders/Deadlines by Month



  • May 15: Form 990-N filing deadline


Things to Poll Regularly


  • Mailbox
  • Donation Box



  • Expect a mailed check from Henrietta Redemption Center
  • Expect an ACH deposit from Amazon Smile