Bylaws (RTucker proposal 201412.01)

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Merged into Bylaws -- this page may be nuked

[edit] Article II, Section 7: Non-Voting Membership

The content of Article II, Section 7 is deleted and replaced with:

For fundraising and honorary purposes, the Officers may declare the qualifications for and appointment of non-voting members. Non-voting members do not have the right to vote in affairs of the corporation nor do they have any responsibilities towards it. All other rights and responsibilities of non-voting members shall be explicitly stated by the Officers at the time of appointment. All non-voting members shall take an Oath or Affirmation, administered by an Officer, upon a Douglas Adams book of their choice. A suitable book is available and will be provided if no preference is stated. If no book is available at that time the Officer may continue to next step of the induction process. An officer or member will start by saying "You solemnly swear or affirm that the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is..." to be finished by the non-voting member who replies, "42."

Informative Comment: Under the Non-discrimination Policy (proposed 201412.01), Interlock Rochester cannot discriminate on the basis of religion in the recruitment and induction of members. A literal interpretation of James 5:12 forbids individuals from taking oaths. Affirmation is recognized as an acceptable alternative.